Reflections on playing nice with others:

I’m guilty of this (largely in my GRR ARG ROSE post), but: I don’t get why people feel the need to announce a contrary opinion regarding a fandom TO said fandom… it’s like they’re doing it just to be contrary, and to get the attention that would bring. It’s like the ‘purposefully raining on someone’s parade’ concept- why would you just randomly declare ‘You know that thing you love? I HATE IT HERE’S WHY!’? No one benefits from that, because you can’t have a good conversation from it (‘Why don’t you like it? It had this this and this!’ ‘You’re just mad I’m the only person that dislikes it!’, where neither side sounds wise, or there’s just an awkward silence because one side feels hurt but doesn’t want to say anything and the other side is just being smug/realizing how obnoxious they sounded, and then it becomes this thing with SIDES and who wants that?).

I completely get someone saying, ‘Oh, sorry, not a fan’ if the conversation turns to something popular that they just don’t like, but going out of your way to trumpet the fact that that popular thing other people love you hate just seems… needlessly obnoxious to me.

I’ve done this at least once with the Rose thing, but that was in response to something and, well, I hid the bulk of it. It just seems needlessly harsh to me, idk. I guess one of my resolutions is to live and let live: people can love things I don’t care for, but I’m going to do my best not to stomp out their happiness with my oh-so-cool-apathy. I hope others will do me the same courtesy. If I dislike something, that doesn’t mean others can’t like it, or that I should try to keep others from liking it. If we all liked the same things life’d be boring and all the good merchandise would sell out before I could get it. ;D XD

(But if you ask my opinion, I will BRING it. XD I love DEBATING things such as why I like what you don’t like, but only if you want to debate it as well, and we end going, ‘That person’s got some interesting ideas… I don’t share ‘em, but they’re interesting!’ Because franking, that’s what makes life fun. Going ‘I’m going to explain why this sucks without any provocation and then ignore anyone who tries to give me a reason why it’s good’… yeah no.)